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For the first time in Australia, experience the stars of Capoeira and the stunning singers, dancers and musicians of “Rhythm Carnival”, Brazil’s hottest Samba band.

“Packed with muscle, backflips, blistering samba beats… a big hunk of upbeat Brazilian soul. A jaw-dropping performance.”
The Scotsman (August 2009)

In a show that combines the extraordinary martial art of Capoeira (kah-poh-ayr-ra) withthe music and dance of Carnival, Warriors of Brazil showcases all of the power and the passion that is modern Brazil.

These boys have escaped the cycle of gangland warfare in the favelas of Salvador de Bahia, former epicentre of the African slave trade.  As the undeniable masters of Capoeira, they are now captivating audiences around the world and spreading a message of hope for the youth of Brazil. Their bodies defy what is humanly possible as they leap, flip, kick and spin at breathtaking speed.

Joining them on stage are the singers, dancers and percussionists of Rhythm Carnival who hail from the favela of Candeal, which famously saved its young people from a life of violence by encouraging them to trade their weapons for musical instruments.  Members of Rhythm Carnival have performed with Santana, The Fugees, Ricky Martin, Sergio Mendes and The Black Eyed Peas.

Body-bending acrobatics and killer moves mixed with sizzling, infectious music, Warriors of Brazil will leave you breathless.

The Scotsman

The Scotsman


Perth: 8-14 Jan 2010
Sydney: 19-23 Jan 2010
Brisbane:  28-30 Jan 2010
Melbourne:  2-7 Feb 2010
Adelaide:  9-11 Feb 2010